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Updated: May 29, 2020

Alongside the launch of my new website and expanding into interior design, I thought it would be fun to give blogging a go. My idea is to use this area of the website to talk about everything to do with Fable and running a business, as well as sharing snippets of my personal life and of course all things interiors!

So with that in mind welcome to my blog! To start, I thought I'd talk a little about my own home and our plans to renovate the space and make it our own. We bought our first house almost two years ago and it was love at first sight! We wanted something that was close to town so I could be close to the store, and that had potential for us to add value, but in the same breath we needed to move in straightaway, so it needed to be practical.

We managed to nab the first viewing slot on a Saturday morning and as we were leaving the que of ambitious viewers was building outside. As I'm sure many of you know this is not uncommon in beautiful Leamington Spa!

We went for a second viewing the following week and before we knew it, we were buying a house! Our long term plan was to convert the loft to create a master bedroom with ensuite and to add a bay window at the font of the house. Creating more space and hopefully adding value to the property.

As it stands now...

Over the last few years we have painted top to toe, laid a new floor upstairs and bought practical bits like a sofa (from Loaf... my dream!), but haven't made any significant alterations.

In November a local architect came out to complete a loft survey and draw the building plans so we could apply for planning permission and last week we found out that our application had been approved! We thought the plans would be in our favour as our next door neighbours have converted their loft, and I think we are the only house on our street that doesn't have a bay window, but it was still a long old wait to find out the decision!

We are hoping to complete the work bit by bit and aren't planing to start the loft conversion until next year. Hopefully we can build the bay window during the summer and at the same time open up the original chimney and fit a log burner in the living room, which was covered up by the previous owners.

Proposed Elevations...

Our current living room is very boxy with no original features, so adding a fireplace will create a focal point and add interest. I've no idea what we'll find behind the stud wall, so I am sure that will be a fun process! The bay window will give us a little extra room and allow a lot more light in. We have a big tree on the pavement right outside which is lovely, but shadows the window, so increasing the size should help compensate for this.

Now that planning has been approved, I can start on the really exciting part. Actually designing the space! I have quite a few ideas of how I'd like the loft to look and I will share my designs and concepts with you in the not too distant future.



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